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Meet  Mayzie

Our Story



We are glad that you have taken the time to visit our website.


Meet Mayzie was created from a mothers desire to give back and a daughters desire to design.  Mayzie is a part of a family of designs with unique characteristics.  The graphics on the clothing depict Mayzie in various facets of life.  Other artistic works, associated with Mayzie’s life are also portrayed.


Meet Mayzie, is urban, poised, authentic and sweet. Her unique look represents being the “Authentic You”.


Her objective is to promote thinking beyond social and economic barriers, be a positive role model of color, encourage academic advancement and assist with manifesting the potential within.

To experience the life of Mayzie, follow us as we introduce her and other characters through clothing, artwork and books.


If you are interested in receiving additional information about Mayzie or her products, please e-mail us at and follow us on Instagram at Meet_Mayzie.



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